The Corner Rome

Rome, Italy

Jan 2015

Our empathy with The Corner Rome begins with two pink stone swans. This is an early 20th century Art Nouveau townhouse turned into a small hotel, thanks to the noble rehabilitation by architect Danilo Maglio, who also devised the project and owns the villa. The empathy continues with the pale grey wood panelling and the herringbone parquet. The geometrical patterns of the period floors and of the East-inspired wallpapers. The wall-gardens of the restaurant and of the breakfast room, the modern antique furniture, the minimalist and graphical lamps. There are eleven bedrooms divided by size: small, medium and large. In the veranda with luxuriant contours, the awakening smells like American coffee, custard and pine-seeds tart, red fruits marmalade, crisp muesli and exotic fruits. The Corner is also a food project by means of the restaurant and of the bistro Bistreet, which are both directed by the star-awarded chef Fabio Baldassarre.


Words Laura Taccari

Translation Alessia Andriolo



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