Vigilius Mountain Resort

South Tyrol, Italy

Nov 2013

A few minutes on the cable car take you to Vigilius or back to the valley. No matter if you’re surrounded by a veil of fog or clear sky, it will be a moment of transition. You have time and space to wind down at Vigilius Mountain Resort. Silence is everywhere. It plays with the morning lights and shadows in the Restaurant 1500, with the vapour rising from the outdoor swimming pool toward the thick larch woodland, with the fire in the fireplace in the open plan living room where you wait for dinner or relax before going to bed. Lunch at the Stube Ida is traditional, simple and elegant cuisine from South Tyrol, dinner is refined and special. You live in the Virgilius with a sense of calm and tangible kindness; you leave with a declared love for mugo pine wood and South Tyrol.


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