Villa Extramuros

Arraiolos, Portugal

May 2014

You will fall in love with Villa Extramuros. As you approach it, it appears like a magic white cube against the green countryside in Arraiolos. François and Jean-Cristophe have chosen a land surrounded only by olive fields, orange orchards and meadows where sheep flock grow as the ideal setting for their contemporary villa. Rooms combine locally sourced materials (marble, cork, white limestone), traditional colourful rugs from Monsaraz (Mizette’s mantas alentajanas) and views over the medieval castle and the infinity pool with crafted details and furniture from a modern and stylish Parisian house. Breakfast is served in terracotta plates and is a divine blend of traditional French, Mediterranean and Portuguese specialities: fresh red strawberries, white goat yogurt, rosemary honey, cream and almond pastel de nata, strawberry jam, pears from the orchard, fresh butter, warm toast, fresh orange juice and soft boiled egg (served in a mignon egg cup in the shape of the Eiffel tower). At sunset, an aperitif of red Port accompanied by juicy olives is served in the private inner courtyard. Dinner is upon request and is elegantly served by the hosts. It’s a three course meal of surprise traditional dishes: a generous plate of petiscos to share, followed by a sublime pasticcio of baked bachalau and a dessert made with egg and sugar.


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