Conero, Italy

Aug 2013

Text and photos: Laura Taccari

ListenJustine, Julia Stone

We can distinguish the blue among the bushes, fragments of sea framed by the leaves. We walk along a zigzag path that takes us through a Mediterranean forest. The surface is a bit slippery and at times we need to hold tight to the wooden railing. Suddenly, the green disappears. It’s the bright blue of the sea that replaces it. It’s a colour so deep it makes the sky look pale. Jaunty, playful, of a saturated blue on the horizon and by the shores, the water flips each time it touches a pebble and suddenly splits into many shades of blue like sea confetti that make your eyes shimmer. Only a few people hesitate before jumping in the sea. It’s time for endless swims and sun. The trees we walked through seem to observe us from the top. Arbutus, pine trees, brooms, thorn trees, elms and bay trees. It looks like they’d all like to jump in the water with us. The afternoon is quieter. Slowly, people start rolling their towels and heading upward toward the same path that took them here. The sun gently slides down toward the horizon. Once gone, the tint of the sea and the sky becomes so similar that it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other. Dusty blue, shades of lilac and traces of red: the sea confetti turn into multiple softer tones. The smell of ragout and barbecue prompts us to pack our things and walk our way to the only restaurant around, Trattoria Mezzavalle. They have long thin tables to share on the veranda and in the courtyard. The sunset is a magical sight framed by wooden beams. People wait for their food in silence as not to disturb the journey of the sun. Mixed antipasti, seafood gnocchi, deep-fried fish, house wine and smiles; delicious homemade food served in a wooden hut built among green and blue. When we’re back on the path, it’s pitch black. Instinctively, we look up in search of a pale light. The light blue of the sea has now turned into midnight blue with traces of golden confetti. It’s just the sky, the stars, the moon and us watching.

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