A perfect world

Megève, France

Sep 2013

Text Laura Taccari

Photo Laura Taccari

ListenDavid Lynch, Are You Sure


Les Fermes de Marie is one of those hotels that would feature on the first pages of a book dedicated to our collection of Meraviglia places. It’s a complex of nine chalets made of wood and stone and set in the middle of a garden that smells of mountain. A place so extraordinary you could almost forget to visit High Savoy and Megève, spend a whole weekend without going out and still get back home with your soul full of this land. The day starts with a delicious buffet breakfast in the Mazot. Choose between a variety of multigrain and multi-seeded bread, pick a natural yoghourt and one of the jams in glass jars in a range of flavours from raspberry to canine rose to wild strawberries. A chef waits behind the counter to make your morning wishes come true. He will serve you milk from the valley, delicious butter in silver packets and yummy boiled or scrambled eggs, omelettes, cheeses and crunchy and lightly salted croissants. You can savour your breakfast in the garden and have a dip in the wooden tub in between bites. The day unfolds slowly and in total relaxation with a massage in the Pure Altitude spa, a cooking lesson with the Chef in the Mazot, a snooze on your princess’ bed. Dinner is served in a big room with wooden beams and romantic tapestries. Alternatively, you can go at high altitude to the Alpage Pré Rosset. You travel on a jeep all together with other guests from the hotel and drive through narrow paths until you can see fields redden by the sunset unfolding under your eyes. If Les Fermes de Maris is an emotional tribute to delicate and romantic mountain luxury, the Alpage is a traditional chalet, pure and beautiful. A steep staircase takes you to its tiny rooms where a large fireplace is cracking and hunt trophies are hanging on the walls. At dinner, they serve typical Savoy dishes rich in strong flavours, the portions are generous and the experience unforgettable. You get back to the hotel happy and with a full belly, driving through the same paths that took you here although this time you descend in the dark. Your wooden nest welcomes you with a light duvet, crisp bed sheets and soft pillows. Once back home you’ll often feel nostalgic about this place and dream of waking up here. Perfection is a luxury you get used to straight away. Sweet dreams.



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