A special summer

Gotland, Sweden

May 2014

Text and photo: Laura Taccari

ListenAu Revoir Simone, Somebody Who

We were told we would have loved it. We were told of a simple stretch of coast behind the pine trees, gravel cycling paths, a happy hippy atmosphere and two restaurants, one sophisticated and one more relaxed. Now that we’ve been to Bungenäs, we can guarantee that you will be up for a special summer. An inspiring and eccentric place, a promontory where to eat with new friends, a beach with metal sun loungers to fall asleep under the trees, a name you will want to reveal only to those people you know will be able to appreciate its magic. To get here you walk through the woods, open a gate and carefully close it behind you, then keep walking along a path surrounded by oak trees, pine trees, hedges and bushes. The air smells of mountains and the light filters through the branches. You take one of the pale grey fixed gear bicycles from the veranda. The word Bungenäs is impressed on the crossbar like a tattoo on the arm. You ask how much is it to rent one and they tell you it’s free. You start cycling downhill, then uphill, and then you follow a bend. The view of the sea reminds you that you’re on an island. You walk up the steps to the first house you encounter. It’s covered in wood, has tea-lights behind the windows and it smells at vanilla and cinnamon. You drink hot coffee in elegant china cups. Then you walk down to the beach, stop on the pier which rocks gently and close your eyes in the sun. For lunch you choose the restaurant on the left, where the atmosphere looks relaxed. Lights are on inside and outside and there’s a photography exhibition next to the kitchen. You order at the bar a salmon salad and it’ the best you’ve ever tried: pink meat perfectly roasted, crunchy vegetables, a creamy vinaigrette sauce and fresh dill. This is Bungenäs.


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