Lombardy Italy

‘Ambasciata looks like the bar in Star Wars’  -Lucio Dalla-

If everyone has a gift, not all of us are free and fearless enough to foster it. Romano Tamani had both the liberty and the braveness to leave Quistello and go to work as a cook in London first, and then to come back to Quistello and create with his brother Carlo a temple of the Mantuan Gonzaga cuisine in the old family house. You often sit down at an Ambasciata table after accustoming your eyes to a screen of fog that lets you see only indistinctly. As if you needed an antidote to the monotony of the plain, you immediately like the red and white pieces of cloth that brighten the ceiling, the guests’ cheerfulness, the blaze of flowers and the eclectic style that recalls a life’s travels and an ancestral devotion to beauty and singularity. Dining at Ambasciata feels like watching a show you cannot classify by period or genre. In the hall, Carlo is a skilful nice host. In the kitchen, Romano starts a culinary ‘renaissance’, following ancient recipes and repeating the gestures he learned from the house women he grew up with. A strong devotion to classics and quality guides him. Each one of his dishes depicts region and history better than any text or picture. Tasting the Tortello di Zucca (Pumpkin Tortelli), the Sorbir d’agnoli with Lambrusco, the Faraona del Vicariato di Quistello (Guinea hen with grapes, oranges, pomegranate and mint), the Guancialino with polenta and Gorgonzola, or the famous Zabaglione, not just with supreme pleasure, but with the due sense and sensitivity, is up to us. This is the only way we can comprehend the true soul of this place of excellence and poetry.

Words Meraviglia Paper, pictures Paolo Barbi.

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