Alpe del Lupo

Como Italy

“Today I was given a wolf’s molar tooth as a present. I have always wondered where tribes’ fascination with wolfs originates from. Perhaps it comes out of respect for an ancient enemy. Nomads are hunters and breeders. There is no doubt they will encounter a wolf at some point in their lives. Wolves are well organised, they have a strong discipline; they are patient, quick and smart animals. They know how to read signals from the land and they can speak to the sky”. Alessandra’s passion for wolves (and her love for horses) dates back to when she was a little girl. Sometimes we need to see past the appearance of things to be able appreciate their true nature. Take off a thick layer of paint to reveal the original wood. Discover the understated elegance of a ‘70s building hidden in the glamour of lake Como. We arrive at Alpe del Lupo around midnight. The path is frozen and the church bells are ringing. There are two wolf dogs, fireplaces in every room, although they are unlighted, and red goji berries on the glorious breakfast table. Rooms are painted lavender, lichen and pink. There’s a stylish study room. Beds smell at Marseille soap. The ancient floors feel cold under the feet. Alpe del Lupo is craftsmanship, delicacy, spirituality and elegance. It’s a place where wild and tame nature meet. 540 metres above the Lake Como, in the Intelvi valley.

Words Meraviglia Paper, pictures Eugenio Castiglioni.


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