La Granja Ibiza

Ibiza Spain

South American dinosaurs might have reached Australia through Antarctica. Such conclusion was drawn by analysing two fossils of two species of very big dinosaurs that were found in Queensland, Australia. I suspect it was the privilege of collecting strolls in the amazing vegetable gardens of Babylonstoren in South Africa, of Gibb’s Farm in Tanzania, of Harald Gasser in the Isarco Valley, of many organic farms in Northern California. I am under the impression it was all the years I spent travelling throughout the world and jotting down about leaves, flowers and fruits. Both activities were my training to cross the gates of La Granja, a Mediterranean farmhouse with an exotic soul, and exchange some words about the harvest of the day with its wonderful vigorous farmers. The moment you order it in the finca, salad is picked under the eyes of Cocò, the black pig, and of the pony that shares his pen and lettuce leaves. In any big private ‘fruit and vegetable garden’, eating all the produce is an activity that involves your sight, taste, senses of smell and touch, and we instinctively yield to it. Moreover, the nature in Ibiza has bold colours even on a cloudy day. And it is just a two-hour flight away from Milan.

Parole Meraviglia Paper, immagini courtesy Design Hotels™​. 


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