Maison Battisti

Corsica France

Marie-Pierre and Michel love the same films that we love, they like going to the Bastia Film Festival, host dinners in their family home and cook authentic French recipes for their guests, and sometimes try new ones. They love the sound of Italian. After the first smiles, we start talking about our languages to everyone’s delight. It’s the first sign that we will have a good time together. We’re in Conchiglio, a village that has been omitted from many maps. Only as few as 18 people live here, there is no commercial activity apart from seasonal “table hotes”, aperitif and dinner gatherings arranged by the locals for travellers and one Maison d’hotes, Marie-Pierre and Michel’s place, our home for the night. Dinner is served in the kitchen, surrounded by recipe books, photos and memorabilia, a peek into authentic family life. We talk about cinema, festivals, Italy, cakes, kids and travels. And then we talk about life, them in French and us in Italian. Yet, it’s the same language we are talking. In the morning, as we wake up, open the lace curtain and discover the sea. In the kitchen, Marie-Pierre and Michel are cooking us breakfast. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here.

Words and pictures Meraviglia Paper.


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