Cinema Italia House

Marche Italia

One evening, in Itacaré, I was looking for the toilet in a small roadside pub and found a cinema behind a curtain instead. I sat on a wooden bench below the blue sky and watched the whole movie, even though I did not understand a single word. Images flowed telling a story. Many stories.

When I moved into my grandparents’ former house in Polverigi, the cinema in front of it kept bringing that evening back to my mind. The cinema had been closed for a long time already, but its sign reading Cinema Italia was still there and its red letters kept me company. Today, I live somewhere else and that house has been turned into a hospitality facility and creative spot which I call ‘my little Paris’. I wish to keep that hearth lit and open to sharing and respect.

Cinema Italia is also a photography projects enlivening the house. It stemmed from my wish to tell stories about my everyday-life places and about my Italian trips. Sometimes, the place hosts workshops for friends and lovers of photography. The whole project is an invitation to embark on a personal and intimate journey. The images decorating the walls of the house are the fruits of this creative process.

Words and photographs Francesca Bianchelli.

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