Il Borgo del Balsamico

Emilia Romagna Italy

A late-October Sunday in the Reggio Emilia province, Italy, where genius and industries prosper. A gate opens slowly and reveals a place full of wonders: a noble late 18th century villa, an Italian garden and, not very far, a wood;  pointed windows, almost-ripe apples, and a box hedge; a century-old sequoia, a secluded swimming pool, late roses, and the path leading to the ice-house. The storm is over, the coffee rumbles in the coffee pot, Silvia comes back from the hen house with a booty of rosy eggs in her hands, and Cristina is about to lead the guests to the vinegar cellar. There, nectars are resting in ancient barrels of French durmast oak, as it happened fifty years ago. In 2004, Silvia and Cristina decided to turn their father’s passion for homemaking PDO balsamic vinegar into a business, and help it grow with wisdom and devotion, to export it all over the world. The brand they created is a tribute to a noble tradition: it features the excellence of PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and enriches it with new ideas, such as the dressings and the pralines. Faithful to the original concept of a project that develops slowly and neatly, Silvia and Cristina decided to open their property to guests, in order to offer an experience that, above all, is a praise to slowness and peace. Rooms have names like Cortina, Wisteria and Ortigia, and the furniture comes from the family houses. Il Borgo del Balsamico is a different world, an enlightened project and a journey through the memories of a family that hands down from generation to generation the priceless gift of making things well.

Words and pictures Meraviglia Paper.









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