Masseria Schiuma

Puglia Italy

Schiuma’ (foam) is a splendid word. It quickly calls to mind high waves’ foam, soft soap bubbles and their rainbows, soft milk, shaving foam that smells like pungent cologne, the lightness of childhood, an adolescence-like goliardic spirit, and an ephemeral consistency that leads you to play at any age. There is a street named Schiuma that from national road S90 – Monopoli to Savelletri – going south, takes you away from the sea and into an unexpected countryside. Masseria Schiuma’s name comes from it. In my opinion, its owners – a sincere Danish couple, graceful and beautiful, Pernille and Lars – love simplicity so much that they did not want to add any more frills or meanings to this place, a temple of private and shared spaces. Every movement of hosts and guests is free and mature. Stay in your own apartment or in the secluded citrus garden, reach the Olympic swimming pool or the big long hall, or join together at breakfast, fill your bowl with fresh ricotta, homemade granola, honey, coffee and fruit, and take a seat at the never-ending table. There is nothing typical about this Apulian masseria. It is an old oil mill with rational spaces and a stately architecture, made human by original modern antiques of different makings and origins. ‘We realised (they tell us, as they unfold from cellophane an old funny token-activated merry-go-round) that if we both like something, then it will find a place here and, as years go by, its beauty will grow, notwithstanding fashion changes. It lives today as it will live tomorrow in this house open to friends.’

Words and pictures Meraviglia Paper.


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