Los Enamorados

Ibiza Spain

The blue leaves of a Begonia pavonina help the plant to survive in a dimly lit environment. Roze and Pierre seem to believe in colours and their thaumaturgic power. They know how to master them to the point that I completely melt and blend with their kaleidoscope. What do I have in common with the rust-coloured linen napkin, the emerald green, the mustard, the crimson of the long veranda corridor, the lobster-red of the crochet crab on my bed, the shiny ochre of bamboo? I have been looking for an answer in the smooth rooms of Medina’s riads, in the most eccentric French ceramics, in the memories of still unvisited places on faraway tropical islands. Los Enamorados is many lives together. It is also an overpowering love, two lovers waiting for the sweetest sunrises and sunsets in a small fishermen’s port, protected by crossing rocks and greenery. Portinatx is the northern headland of Ibiza. In order to reach Los Enamorados, you must go past a small waterpark with colourful slides, the chemist’s and the typical restaurants of a small seaside resort devoted to the tourism of family tribes, that includes monstrous white serviced apartments that go under the questionable name of ‘playa-beach-hotel’. Then, the asphalt turns into Ibizan red earth and translucent sea, and the rest is forgotten. You order your dinner – a fragrant terracotta bowl of Tuna Tacos and a freshly squeezed orange, pineapple and mint juice you drink with a bamboo straw – and the following day you order your breakfast – a breadboard of toasted bread with butter and fig, blueberry, and green tomato homemade jam. Vista al mar.

Words and pictures Meraviglia Paper.

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