Everything here belongs to the nature

Lej da Staz Switzerland

Sankt Moritz lies behind a curtain of trees, undetected. The lake is magnetic, its perfectly oval shape a mirror to the sky. Four cabins sit on a small sandy patch, and a long thin pier stretches into the water. Wooden platforms, like plaids on the grass, become alive in the early sun, for a picnic or a dive in the fresh water. Everything here belongs to the nature. From the early hours of the day until when only the frogs sing, this place abounds with stories of passage. Rhythmically, without confusion, someone comes out of the woods, while others walk in. The hotel Lej Da Staz is intimate and at night it’s just you and the lake. Enjoy delicious roasts (potato sticks, eggs, speck, alpine cheese) and enticing salad with herbs and seeds on the terrace in the sun.

Words and pictures Meraviglia Paper.

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