Ojai Rancho Inn

California US

We are hatching a plan to get summer residence in Ojai. We have already met new friends, straightforward and peaceful as only adults on vacation can be. Playing on the boules court close to the swimming pool and the tepee tent we met Chris. Thanks to his Shelter Social Club, Chris is showing us, one after the other, must-see examples of hospitality along the Central Coast. On that same boules court we met Branden, who bought eleven shiny Airstream and gathered them in a nearby area. The Airstreams, each with a palm tree and a hammock in the shade, will be available for renting for one or more days. It is as if Ojai, this hippie town that makes you think of a rainbow, combined together all the things we love of the Central Coast: endless fields planted with fruit trees, cactuses, farmers’ morning markets, both an exotic and a Mediterranean flair, refined gold jewelry and black diamonds, Mexico, Peru, USA, enterprise of the best kind. At Rancho Inn, ask for the closest room to the swimming pool and Chief’s Peak and stretch your tie-dye curtains to protect yourself from the hot weather, which, here, smells like the Mediterranean.

Parole Meraviglia Paper.

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