Walig Hut

Gstaad-Saanenland Switzerland

We are about to tell you an alpine tale. A hut built in 1786 that belonged to farmers and their cows, who still spend some nights in the big shed at the beginning of June and September. Tonight we are going to sleep here, too. Drinking the fresh water of the trough. Stepping on fragrant dry hay along easy slopes at 1700 metres altitude. Waiting for the local fondue to cook as long as it takes on the burning firewood. Sinking under layers of butter-coloured feathers and of warm fur. At the beginning it is just a hut with a shed – simply furnished, exactly as it should be. But it is yours and mine for one night. The beautiful beige cows left the mountain pasture, hence the night will be very still. Our personal chef Maurizio cooks dinner just for us, then leaves us with the fire burning, some soft fruits and some crème de Gruyère. We fall asleep with the last redness of the sizzling embers, and wake up with the fresh orange of the sun rising beyond the magnificent stony mountains. Above Gsteig, an idyllic village of ancient wooden chalets with fenced gardens overflowing with dahlias, petunias, geraniums, sunflowers and any other kind of neat crops.

Words and pictures Meraviglia Paper.

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