Broholm Castle

Fyn Denmark

Thirteen generations of the same family. Seven hundred years. Nineteen rooms, six hundred and twenty hectares of vegetable garden, forest and gardens. Apricot-coloured bricks, high clouds and woods. Quiet ducks, busy insects, waterlilies. An old boat in an exotic shed and an archaeological museum with seventy thousand finds of the Stone Age. They were found on the island and meticulously gathered by a nobleman who lived here between 1839 and 1892. Flowered tapestries, baldachins and testers, creaking floors, the merry voices of cooks from the kitchen, sporadic gusts of north wind. A courtyard leading to a paradise. A spiral staircase leads to halls, libraries and corridors following one another while you stare in wonder. All of this during a day and a night spent in a medieval castle in southern Funen. A hundred and fifty-five kilometres of Danish plain and North Sea away from Copenhagen. 

Words Meraviglia Paper, pictures Paolo Barbi.



Words Laura Taccari, pictures Paolo Barbi, translation Alessia Andriolo

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