Tenuta Borgia

Sicily Italy

In May 2016, a meeting between souls alike took place in Tenuta Borgia, on the western side of Pantelleria. Baroness Rosa Maria Borgia Collice, owner and creative brains of the property; Sergio, the manager; and Viktor and Henrik, founders of the creative agency Wavy, who came from the North with a specific task. They had to try to picture the atmosphere of this privileged place in a photo book. The result is ninety-four pages that guide readers to spartan island bars, along the jagged coast, among ochre coloured fields ruffled by the vernal wind, walking barefoot near the swimming pool, in the Arabian garden or on the Valencian maiolica of the seven dammusi in the estate. Even though an image is an only-partly reliable version of reality, by leafing through this book, you feel like you are grasping something precious. And possible.

Words Meraviglia Paper, pictures by Henrik Lundell from the book “Tenuta Borgia” by Wavy (Creative direction Victor Olsson, texts Haydée Touitou, editing and design Tony Cederteg).


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