La Pedevilla

South Tyrol Italy

The warmth of the hygge helps the Danish endure the long Scandinavian winter. The word was coined by the Norwegian neighbours in 1700, and represents that mix of family harmony, attention for details and joie de vivre that makes us think nostalgically of our journeys to the North. Architects Caroline and Armin have their own idea of a hygge and, after you have lived among the larch-wood and arolla-pine wood walls of their cottage hanging to the mountainside, you will be delighted by it. You will take with you some of their style and peace, and make good use of it. Armin’s father was born here where the couple raise their three children –Laurenz, Valerian, Helena. A project of hospitality and family in the shape of two houses with pointed roofs – one for the Pedevillas and one for the guests – where the tastes of intimacy, sweetness and Nordic style melt with mountains, woods and boundless skies thanks to the big windows that were designed to admire, just like a giant’s eyes. La Pedevilla: ‘La’ means ‘grandma’ in Ladin and gives the house a female touch, whereas Pedevilla is Armin’s surname, it means ‘at the foot of the village’ and contains the word ‘villa’, which refers to a house. ‘Our Villa…’ says Caroline with the sweet look full of dreams of a ‘modern’ north European mother. To us, who grew up in the central part of Italy, the first North is here among the neat valleys and the wild forests of South Tyrol. Whatever your age, every time you stand on the balcony, you will feel the desire to run and challenge the steep slope. Whether it is covered with snow or fragrant grass, you will feel like children again. While you go back on the tortuous and magic Strada Pliscia, your thoughts will return to the memory of the young and adult Pedevillas reluctantly waving goodbye, some shyly and some expansively. You will also think back to the extremely elegant open-space kitchen overlooking the panorama, which will be green, reddish or white, according to the season. To the grace of the traditional furniture, to the kind twist of the folk carpets, to the independent publications you leafed through during teatime on the sofa. To the stairs you must climb barefoot or just with your socks on, the stairs that lead to the two perfect simple rooms. La Pedevilla is the nest we would like to find on the side of each one of our mountains.

Words Meraviglia Paperi. Pictures Valerio Vescio. 

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