Sorterbro Kro

Fyn Denmark

When he was thirteen, John started working as a kitchen boy right here in Fynske Landsby, the ancient Danish village turned into a museum. Maybe for this reason, when he happened to read that Sorterbro was for sale, he did not have to think about it. It was the end of the last century, and the bridge between Selandia and Fionia was still under construction. There were only fifty restaurants in Odense (today there are more than two hundred) and the most distinguished offered a French menu. John had something different in mind. He tells us while walking among the vegetable gardens that provide his larder with ripe vegetables every day. Dining at Sorterbro Kro is, among the various sublime Nordic cuisines, an experience with two merits: it is unique and it will be forever engraved in your mind. You won’t forget the bread, baked twice a day, or the butter with salt from a remote Northern island. You won’t forget the turbot with black Italian truffle, artichokes, mushrooms and alga, or the sorbet with calendula, cherries and camomile. Moreover, the 1801 Danish inn maintained all its beauty.

Words Meraviglia Paper, pictures Paolo Barbi. Special thanks

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