Palazzo Penelope

Puglia Italy

‘32 sq. m. of sea’. Water is the primary element that always fascinated Pino Pascali. The artist re-created his own sea in zinc tubs, each one containing a tone-on-tone variation of the colour of the sea. Pino Pascali, the greatest Apulian artist, was born in Bari on 19th October 1935. His parents came from Polignano a Mare. Very soon, his works emphasized his Mediterranean culture. Spend some days on the edge of the sea in this villa that hangs on the rock, arm wrestle with the wind to open the salty shutters of your room on a deep blue, and forget about the others, about the village, and about postcard-style Polignano. Palazzo Penelope is just modern quiet and silence, and the company of primary elements: sky, sea, dazzling sun that dries linens on a flat roof, and wind that dries your skin. The fire in the living room fireplace is out, the guitar awaits, the little red peaches tell us that it is summer already, and in some braceria in town, cicely-flavoured sausages are sizzling while fresh broad beans cook. I wasn’t born near the sea and my father did not take me there often, but at some point, very soon, the Mediterranean Sea got me, too.

Words and pictures Meraviglia Paper.


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