Forest flair

Alaska USA

You are in Girwood, a village surrounded by woods. During the winter months, this is a well-known skiing destination very popular with Anchorage young crowd. The wooden houses are empty, the trees are skinny, a deer wanders in the unfenced garden of a chalet and the ski lift is closed. It’s summer and no one seems to be around in this cool August evening outside the city, that in Alaska means in the woods.

You’ve probably read of Jack Sprat and its chef. The light in the chalet is on. This is where everyone is gathering. The atmosphere is cheerful, just like after a day on the slopes. The smell is delicious and takes you elsewhere, beyond the mountains, on a journey that involves trees, muddy boots and brown bears: green curry, coconut milk, lemongrass, lime, ginger, soya beans, rice noodles, sautéed prawns and lavender. The Raw cheesecake has no cheese and is no traditional cake. It’s an almond date coconut crust with almond milk, agaves syrup, lemon and blueberries, 100% vegan. They believe in food that nourishes, educates and inspires their guests. The menu is international and bold. Yours in good health and in good taste, the owners Frans & Jennifer Weits.

“Make sure you get here for breakfast, it’s easy”. It’s 7am on a crisp sunny day in the Alaskan woods. 46°F (7°C). At The Bake Shop, groups of youngsters in their running shorts replenish their energies. In couples, male with male and female with female, they sit at the wooden tables of this chalet and village bakery. Easy. The cinnamon rolls are like huge sweet pandoro for one, served with two plastic forks dipped into the soft dough. On the table are organic honey and homemade lemon and cherry jams. The portions are for adolescents before they go for a run in the woods. America for us has the taste of this cinnamon pastry. Don’t go back to the city. Rent a room in an authentic mountain resort at the bottom of the majestic Chugach Mountains. Atmosphere of a Japanese Grand Hotel surrounded by nature, with an artificial lake and a tidy botanical garden, a Spa with a large indoor saltwater pool and a large elegant hall. Check the Trails Map and walk in the forest clapping your hands or singing (to keep bears away). Alyeska Resort is a perfect luxurious adventure base camp.

Words and pictures Meraviglia Paper.

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