Masseria Moroseta

Puglia Italy

There are books of which we underline entire sentences. These are the books that we keep on desk. Masseria Moroseta is like that – a poetic tale about which I want to remember and share each line: the spartan, thin spigot of the set-aside fountain; the staircase standing out against the lively light-blue sky of a summer day in the South; the peace and quiet that permeate the white backyard. I also want to keep alive the memory of the dog Beppe, lazily moving from one shade to the other, as well as the image of the graphic pool, the centenarian olive trees, the blue sea separating the rust soil from the cloudless sky, as well as the ruby red milkshake. I underline everything, sitting on this white sofa. The precious ceramic artworks that embellish even a simple sip of water; the waking up in an intact countryside; the linen bed sheets and their laces; the wood in the fireplace, ready for the first night of autumn.

Words Meraviglia Paper, images by Marina Denisova.

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